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Season 3: It's a Wrap!

Season 3: It's a Wrap!

We Do This Every Day! Season 3, Episode 70

Greetings WOL Friends,

As the school year is winding down, we are all in the familiar place of closing out one year with celebrations and last-minute plans - while we are simultaneously planning for the next school year. We are winding down the podcast for the summer, too. Look for new episodes in the fall as we bring you news of course updates, new members of the WOL Team, and all things authentic, relevant, and engaging in our learning ecosystem.

Lauren did a great job equating May as the Thursday of the school year - June, as Friday, July, our Saturday, August as Sunday, and September as our Monday! Which is your favorite day of the school year?


In the past few weeks I have had a lot of favorite days:

  1. Our Japanese National Honor Society Celebration! We inducted two new members, Maria, from CCA, and Emma from Hershey High School. It is great to see the dedication and the expansion of learning a new language gifts to students.

  2. We hosted our 2nd Annual Design Space: We gathered with our team and folks from Huntingdon Areas SD and Garnet Valley SD to Re-imagine, Re-invent, and Re-engineer our learning experiences.

  3. We hosted our first Extended Campus Award Ceremony - it was a joy to see students from K - grade 12 honored for their hard work and perseverance!

We had a big year! We are grateful to all the districts who trusted us with their students, for all the hard work those students put in, for our VLF’s and district Facilitators, and for the parents and adults who supported the students and our team.

We also achieved accreditation with Cognia, and had our courses approved by the NCAA!

We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future!

As always, please reach out if you can’t find a teacher or just want to dream about what is possible.



World of Learning Institute Podcast and Newsletter
We Do This Everyday!
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