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Check Out What's New for 24 - 25

Check Out What's New for 24 - 25

We Do This Every Day, Season 3 Episode 65.5

Hi WOL Friends,

It’s that time of year when you begin to build your 24 - 25 schedule. We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting an online provider and we are grateful to learn and grow our program and offerings with you.

To help you prepare are excited to share our updated course catalog and new offerings. And don’t let the catalog limit you. If your students have other interests please let us know what offerings would you like us to add to the catalog in the future.

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Here are a few of our podcast episodes that highlight what goes into our offerings and selections. As you listen in or read the show notes you will get a good idea about the people who interact with your students and district personnel. You will also see just now much learning and effort go into supporting your students in the digital learning environment.

As always, if you can’t find a teacher or need a long or short-term solutions don’t hesitate to reach out to

Have a great week,


World of Learning Institute Podcast and Newsletter
We Do This Everyday!
We do our best each day to be authentic, relevant and engaging in the virtual education space. This podcast will help you see that you, too, can survive and thrive in the new and evolving world of blended and hybrid platforms for learning.
For many years the WOL Institute has provided the BEST in online virtual learning for K-12 schools. We hope our experience in the virtual world will help you navigate and succeed.