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Still Learning

Still Learning

We Do This Every Day - Season 3, episode 66

Greetings WOL Friends! 

In the past few weeks we have talked about being human on the podcast. I had the opportunity to be in the path of totality for the eclipse yesterday - and when totality happened - I felt my humanity - with a sea of others standing on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was a breathtaking sight and heartwarming moment to see and hear the collective awe that happened in that moment when the moon covered the sun. It brought tears to my eyes. 

solar eclipse
Photo by Jan Haerer on Unsplash

At the WOL Institute we pride ourselves in being really great at providing an environment - albeit a digital one- that brings face-to-face interactions via Zoom, together with well developed digital content, on-time specific feedback and lots of opportunities to speak to a human. So as you are thinking about your schedule for the coming year - take a look at our catalog. We just might have a course or two that would interest your students and provide a lot of value - when you can’t find a teacher and need to turn elsewhere to support your students. (We also provide a full-time option in the WOL Institute Extended Campus). 

Our guests this week know that Learning is a human endeavor, too. They both have used the phrase Still Learning in defining their work. Dr. Sally Hare and Allison Rodman in their books, The ElderGarten and Still Learning, delve into how as humans we are learning and unlearning all the time. How learning happens in community. In learning to know ourselves - we expand what is possible. And, maybe most importantly, we discussed how we often don’t make the time to be still, to allow ourselves the grace to reflect, listen to our souls, and learn.

Dr. Sally Hare, top left. Pat Mulroy, top right. Allison Rodman, bottom center.

As you listen, consider some of the experiences of your life where what you learned has changed - how you have had to unlearn, and consider other ideas and concepts. Consider, too, how as you learn more about yourself your confidence grows.

Allison shares insights from her work on attunement, spotlighting the importance of educators knowing themselves and bringing their full selves to their learning communities. She helps us to see the role of intentional goal-setting and creating supportive structures within our educational organizations so that as teachers and leaders we promote growth and well-being among the people we serve.

Sally brought us stories of educators like Dr. Sue Small, who worked in the early days of school desegregation to understand the intersection of learning on the edges of race and culture. Dr. Small, acknowledging and seeing the many ways our children come to school and the value they each bring is a lesson for us all today. We also heard about Morgan Lee, who is  dedicated to supporting teachers' personal and professional development as they leave college and move into their first three years of teaching. It is an amazing model of how we might retain the awesome people who come out of our teacher training programs. 

These stories help us see the significance of community, belonging, and storytelling in nurturing trustworthy learning environments. And as Allie and Sally  highlighted, we've got to do more of the human being and the human relating so that ultimately, learning happens.  

Takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Social-emotional learning: It isn't just for students; educators also need to cultivate self-awareness, resilience, and well-being to create a positive learning environment.

  2. The Power of Naming and Self-Awareness: Recognizing one's strengths and purpose is essential for combating burnout and fostering a culture of belonging in our  educational communities.

  3. Intentionality in Professional Development: Intentional goal-setting, self-reflection, and community-building are crucial aspects of supporting educators' growth and well-being, both personally and professionally.

What practices do you think you could introduce to your school or classroom community?

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