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I Can Learn Online

We Do This Every Day S3 Ep 10 #51

Greetings WOL Friends,

We have been taking you on the journey - our story - of the World of Learning Institute this Fall. This podcast is full of goodness from Gwen and Melissa that gives authentic insight into how our folks plan and prepare to engage and enable learners’ to become agents of their own learning. In our story - part 3 is I Can Learn Online

Recently John Watson. of the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC), in a blog post stated that 70% of post-secondary learning is happening in the digital space. So how is that impacting our preparation as PK - 12 educators? He further states. “The other valuable point about the post-secondary data is that students furthering their education beyond high school are highly likely to be engaged in some form of online learning.” I posit that much of the workforce - also leverages technology and digital platforms both on the job and in trainings. 

And, the World of Learning considers the value of supporting the transition to work or a post-secondary experience as we build our content and work with our virtual learning facilitators (VLF’s) to create live session experiences that support learners’ becoming self-motivated, self-directed, planners and managers of their time. We create the space for them to learn to advocate for themselves to avoid the pitfalls that can happen along the online journey - at work or in an online class. Ultimately preparing them for the world.

In this episode, Gwen and Melissa focused on the variety of ways that our VLF’s are continually learning and using their knowledge to create the most effective learning experiences for learning. 

Here are a few of their ideas in a nutshell (culled from the transcript using ChatGPT and some editing by Pat):

  • Simplifying teaching materials: Melissa and Gwen, emphasize the importance of simplifying teaching materials and presentations to reduce cognitive overload for students. They both realized the need to minimize distractions, such as excessive text, graphics, and colors on slides, to help students focus.

  • Adapting to student needs: Gwen highlights the necessity of adapting teaching methods based on the specific needs and learning styles of the students. They discuss the importance of assessing student responses during presentations and making necessary adjustments in real time, demonstrating a student-centered approach to teaching.

  • Effective use of visual aids: Melissa and Gwen discuss the need to strike a balance in the use of visual aids, such as Bitmojis and other graphics, in presentations. They acknowledge that while these can be engaging and helpful in moderation, an overabundance of visual elements can be distracting and may not always be effective for all learners’.

  • Interactive learning: The value of incorporating interactive elements into teaching strategies, particularly in virtual learning environments is highlighted. Including activities that engage students and allow them to apply their learning actively, ensures that the learning process is not solely based on passive consumption. The use of pictures, drawing on the whiteboard or slides, and playing games are a few examples.

  • Utilizing micro-courses for professional development: We can’t say enough about the benefits of using micro-courses for professional development! We use JoltEDU and the short bursts of focused learning are effective and less overwhelming. Our whole team appreciates the concise and targeted nature of the micro-courses, which provide practical takeaways that can be immediately applied in their teaching.

Have you used ChatGPT to summarize material and help you to organize your thoughts and ideas? Are your students and teachers finding value in exploring this new technology? 

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I am grateful every day for the opportunities I have had to learn from and engage with technology. I still value a good old face-to-face conversation - and I have met so many people who I may never have had the opportunity to collaborate with if technology were not in place.

The World of Learning provides some of the best opportunities to have students engage in an online platform with highly engaging content and VLF’s who make the live sessions interactive.

I will close with this thought - ‘We don’t often hear of students choosing an online option to be better prepared for college. That’s probably not a good enough reason to choose an online school, but it might be a good reason to consider an online course’ (Watson).

Why not consider one of the many options we offer at the World of Learning Institute for your learners’? 

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As always, if you can’t find a teacher or would like to expand your offerings let me know. I am glad to have a conversation.



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